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TOO Seeds Nano Technology - Maximum Absorption of Nutrients - Maximum Recovery


The cutting edge of Nano science with 10X Bio-Availability

Our newest products bring you Nano technology with the smallest particle size available (18 to 25 nanometer particle size vs 100 to 200 nanometers from other brands Nano products) for absorption at a cellular level. TOO Seeds Nano tincture offers sublingual (under the tongue) absorption into the blood stream in 7 seconds!

Absorbability by the body is much higher than typical CDB tinctures -- 5 times the effective dose of non-Nano CBD tinctures! (3000 mg Nano Full Spectrum CBD = 15000mg of non-Nano Full Spectrum CBD)

Structured Water and Nano CBD Combine for 10X
It gets even better! NO oily texture or strong earthy taste. These are true water based products that feel like no other. We boosted absorption in your body by using Structured Water with Nano for a formula with the best absorption and benefits on the market. Our Nano CBD particles are fully suspended in solution. (They won’t settle or stick to the sides of the container like other Nano products so you won't miss out on the valuable CBD you paid for.) You get the most benefit out of CBD possible.








Structured Water Technology - The tension of water is changed to a lower tension than your body, which allows it to IMMEDIATELY absorb. In contrast, tap water and other water-based products require 20 to 40 minutes for your body to process and change the water tension so it can absorb.

Current TOO Seeds Nano Products available:

  • TOO Seeds Pure Nano CBD 3000 mg Nano - High Dose Concentrated version that last for months!
  • TOO Seeds Pure Nano CBD 500 mg Nano - Low Dose 1 month version
  • TOO Seeds Nano CBD skin line - Absorbs deep through skin barrier & Non-greasy
  • TOO Seeds Nano Silver Wellness Protection
  • More coming soon!

CBD Oils

What is hemp derived CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant. Cannabis sativa is a family of plants that includes marijuana and hemp. To make hemp derived CBD oil, our CBD is extracted from Hemp without using industrial solvents (gross) that can remain in cheap CBD products, and diluted with a carrier oil, alcohol, or water. We’ve done the research for you! So you get the most benefit and no harmful ingredients. Our products are superior because we only use  Patented Structured Water or healthy cold-pressed carrier oils; no cheap oils or alcohol that can harm the body. All TOO seeds CBD products are Hemp derived only.

CBD Oils for Performance

Can CBD help improve my physical performance?

Many athletes use CBD to help improve physical performance and recovery. Hemp derived CBD supports the body's natural responses to pain and inflammation, improve nutrient uptake and gut issues. All of which are issues that often hamper the performance and recovery time of athletes.

CBD Benefits

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

CBD oils can work together with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) of humans and other mammals to help improve performance and support the body's natural response to anxiety, inflammation, nutrient absorbtion, and pain. The list of the benefits provided by CBD continues to grow as more and more research is done on this amazing compound.

CBD Products

Why do I see such variation in prices on CBD products?

Not all CBD products are created equal. Some products have alcohols, fillers, low CBD purity, or poor procurement of the CBD, which can lead to the introduction of toxins into your body. Always look for the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification stamp, Organic Products stamp, Made in the USA disclaimer, and verify the product states mg or nano mg of CBD and not just hemp oil. Always research for yourself anything you put in your body. We only give to our clients what we take ourselves and to our loved ones, both two legged and four.

CBD Specifics

Why does CBD need THC?

Interestingly, your body has receptors at the cellular level, which is how cells get their fuel. These tiny receptors in relations to CBD are called CB1 and CB2 receptors. They are similar to a key pad on a safe (your cell) keeping the wrong person from getting in and rummaging around through your valuable gems (your precious regulatory system). So who has the code? THC has the code. It has one of the fastest unlock methods we know of to get that safe door open and add fuel to the ECS.

CBD Effects

Will CBD get me high?

Hemp CBD will not get you high. The ingredient in marijuana that leads to feeling ‘high’ is called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). TOO Seeds products are made with hemp derived CBD with levels less than 0.3%. All of our products and tested and certified below 0.3% THC, which comply with federal limits and will not be psychoactive or produce a 'high.'

CBD Oils for Livestock

How can CBD oils benefit my horses?

Trainers and horse owners are increasingly turning to CBD to help maximize the training time of their horses. CBD can help support healthy pain and inflammatory response related to a demanding training schedule. You may also see an improvement in your horses’ coats, hooves, and teeth as their improved internal health starts to show through externally. 

CBD Oils for Pets

Can I give CBD oil to my pets?

Pets and livestock have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) similar to that of humans. This means that CBD can provide animals with many of the same benefits experienced by humans. You can give CBD oil to your pets to help support their bodies' natural response to inflammation and pain, help them feel better, and look healthier from the inside out.


Are hemp derived CBD oils legal in my state?

Hemp derived CBD is legal federally. Check with your local state laws as these are being updated continually.

CBD Effects

Does CBD oil have any side effects?

The research available on CBD points to it being considered a generally safe option and supports many of the body's systems through the endocannabinoid receptors throughout the body. We encourage you to easily find and read the reputable studies regarding CBD published online, and speak with your health care practitioner to see if a CBD is right for you.


Is CBD legal?

CBD is federally legal when made from hemp and THC levels are less than 0.3%. All of our products are tested and certified below 0.3%THC and made only from 100% USA grown hemp.

CBD Specifics

Is CBD a drug?

No, CBD is actually a nutrient profile that our bodies need for daily living, much like a daily vitamin. We actually have a regulatory system in our bodies called the Endocaninboid System.

CBD Effects

Will I fail a drug test with Full Spectrum CBD with less than .3% THC?

Full Spectrum CBD products made from hemp with trace amount (always less than 0.3%) THC are unlikely to show up on a urinalysis and be confused with a positive test for marijuana when used at a normal dosage. The Nano raw material used in our Nano products test below the detectable threshold for THC on our Independent Analysis. Since everyone has unique body chemistry, we cannot know how your body will store and process the trace amount of THC with regards to a drug test. However, if you are tested for THC for work or other reasons, please do your research, test your unique body chemistry, and know how you respond to CBD.

All TOO Seeds Products 

Have More Questions?

We are passionate about helping people and animals experience the many benefits of Nano Technology and CBD . If you have questions about our products or anything related to hemp derived CBD that were not answered above, please get in touch. We will do our very best to answer your questions so you can start your own journey toward majestic health and a majestic life.



We are passionate about helping people and animals experience the many benefits of CBD. If you have questions about our products or anything related to TOO Seeds that were not answered above, please get in touch.

Majestic Health

We are passionate about helping people and animals experience the many benefits of CBD oil. If you have questions about our products or anything related to hemp derived CBD oil that were not answered above, please get in touch.