Monday Majestic Health Tips: Super Charged Morning


Hi I’m Drew Irwin, Too Seeds Founder.

Today’s Majestic Health tip is going to supercharge your morning routine for more energy, better immunity, better digestion. It can possibly even help with future issues like kidney stones, and it is easy and inexpensive! It starts with to one fresh lemon. The benefits of adding a single lemon to your morning routine are kind of amazing. Not only do they have vitamin C; they also have a lot of minerals potassium, calcium, magnesium, just to name a few.

  • Because fresh lemon flushes out your digestive system first thing in the morning, it primes the pump for your whole body to work well all day long.
  • It can also help your body’s natural detox cleansing system, organs like your liver and kidneys, to work just a little bit better and even help prevent kidney stones.
  • One way that you can tell if your detox system isn’t working as well as it should, is to look around your eyes. If they’re more puffy or congested than they usually are, that can be a sign that your little liver and kidneys need a little bit of a boost. -This is one way to boost and cleanse every single day.
  • Cleanses are very popular but they can be hard to implement into your routine. So if you don’t want to do a full cleanse, this simple mini cleanse every morning is a great way to keep your body, working exactly the way it should.
  • This is also a great health habit that can improve your skin, and overall just improve your day. Also, when you start your day off right, you’ll you know you’ve done at least one healthy thing for your body. This also primes your mind to make healthier choices throughout the day.
How to:

Now I’m going to show you how to get the most benefit out of this health tip the fastest way. In the morning, you’ll have everything already set out, so you’ve got your one lemon. This is an organic lemon, I already washed it to make sure that nothing on the outside will get into the juice. We’re just going to cut this right in half, right through the middle or equator. Now you could squeeze this in with your hand, but you’ll probably get some seeds in the juice so I recommend some kind of a juicer. This is a simple one is made out of metal.  I did break one of these in half once, ????????it was a cheap one so I recommend getting a good sturdy metal one. I’m going to squeeze this into one ounce room temperature filtered water.

Your water should be at room temperature for your body to absorb it the fastest. If the water is too cold it will take longer to absorb. You don’t have to heat it up either, at room temperature your body will absorb it the fastest. Then just drink it down all at once. And it’s as simple as that.

Tip for sensitive teeth:

If it’s a little too sour for you, or maybe your stomach doesn’t take things first thing in the morning, you can use a little bit more water. I don’t recommend just drinking the juice straight with no added water. It could be a little bit hard on your teeth enamel. So if you do have sensitive teeth just swish your mouth with water one time after this to get it rinsed off.

This is going to be a great way to start your day. First thing in the morning was something super healthy for your body. Another way to help you implement this habit is to make yourself a little post- it-note. Leave it by your bedside, write “go drink your juice”, “lemon”, “go to the kitchen”, whatever you need to jog your memory first thing in the morning. If you’re a little bit groggy you still get your day started off right, and that’s it!

Go ahead and add some organic lemons, to your weekly shopping list now.

Why do we want to use a fresh organic lemon instead of just juice? The answer is you’re not getting as much benefit out of pre juiced lemons and here’s why. All the nutrients, phytonutrients, enzymes etc, in the juice and the peel are not stable whenever they’re outside the original natural packaging. ???? They start to degrade almost immediately! So use a fresh lemon every morning. Doing this one small thing for your health first thing in the morning, sets your day up to be great. It’s a healthy habit builder.

Alvin touched on healthy mindset in last our Majestic Health video. We’re going to talk about more on this in the future. Trying to implement a huge change in your routine, a change in diet or complete new health routine is hard. 90% of people who try to build a new heath habit fail!

To succeed do it the small habit change method. Building a habit, every single day, that takes just a few minutes, has more of an impact on your overall health.  So one small thing is what science is showing us is the way to go. Do this every single morning, and you’re going to start to see some amazing results!

I hope this video helps you and your family live a little bit healthier every day. Please like, share, and subscribe if you want to get some great simple tips, every week, and until next time,

Work, Play, and Live Majestically!

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