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Have you ever experienced low back pain, had to do some kind of crazy jiu-jitsu move just to get out of bed, or been stuck in the bent over position while trying to reach something off the ground? 

I’m Alvin Harbour CEO of  TOO Seeds, I know firsthand how painful and debilitating back pain and injury can be. I used to sleep many nights with my knees to my chest laying on my back just to relieve the pressure and pain in my low back.

Isn’t it frustrating as heck when you are accustomed to doing everyday tasks and the all the sudden you feel like you aged 30 yrs?

I’m not one to complain.  I was brought up by old school hard nosed men who had no room for crying about a little pain. So like many of you I attempted to just tough it out. 

Here is an interesting fact: 

  • Did you know that your brain actually has a mechanism to cope with pain? Excruciating pain when experienced for long periods of time triggers the body to develop what are called Neuro tags. Your body can actually go into survival mode thus shutting down certain areas where you have issues to basically keep you bodies main systems operating. This should scare the heck out of you honestly! We need to fire on all cylinders to be focused on the task at hand. What would happen if you are distracted for just a moment when a car runs a red light while you’re headed through an intersection?  How many deaths per year could be avoided if we were all healthy and mentally sharp?

The desensitizing of your nerves isn’t just about where the pain is in your body.It also affects your emotional state, your internal chemistry (mood swings, happiness, sadness etc.) and also your ability to uptake nutrients and eliminate waste.Whats that mean?Well it basically means that even if you eat really healthy and stay active you could be losing all that health action to stress. When your body is under excessive amounts of stress from pain or other stimuli the tiny microbes in your gut responsible for breaking down food into micro and macronutrients and getting these nutrients to where your body needs them don’t do their jobs because stress kills them. We have all heard “STRESS KILLS”. Well it actually does!

Another fact for you…..This will surprise you as it did me too!

  • Less than 1% of overall healthcare training is devoted to treating pain, and there is a huge gap in contemporary pain education.

Seems pretty gloom and doom right?  

Well don’t lose hope just yet. Your body has the ability to heal itself from just about anything. Especially pain!  It just needs the rights tools. Think about it like this…. say you need a hammer to put a nail in something but all you have in your tool box is a hand saw. You may be able to figure out how to utilize that saw in some way to get the job done but more than likely you’re going to end up breaking either your saw or yourself or both. 

All that being said We’d like to put a few tools in your tool box every Monday and really shed some light on how truly amazing your body can operate with a little natural help.  I’ll break this down into Mobility, Diet, and Mindset. 

This week is about Mobility, getting your body moving the right way with a 90 second exercise daily start you on the road to  preventing 90% of back pain before it stops you.

In the video above I show you a simple hip flexor and psoas muscle exercise. These muscles are the most important muscles in the body for your posture and keeping your back and sciatica healthy and free of pain. Do this for as little as 90 seconds each morning and evening to start seeing improvement in your low back, stability and mental flexibility too!

We’ll see you next week for another simple tip to improve you and your loved ones health.

Until then Work, Play, And Live Majestically!

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