Monday Majestic Health Tips: Recovery & Hydration

Your Body and Recovery: Are you hydrating properly?


Hello, this is Alvin with TOO Seeds.

I want talk about something that has been a struggle for me and many clients I consult on their health goals.  Recovery……What is the best type of recovery for your body? Why is recovery important?

Have you ever had a long day of work and came home only to feel super depleted?  You don’t have time or energy to do anything for your health other than just sit down and try to decompress?  Been there?  Me too!

Owning my own business really took it out of me when the work load increased and the work force just couldn’t seem to keep up. I felt my only option was to step up my game or things would just fall apart.  This left little of me to give to my kiddos or significant other which of course never ends well. I really didn’t know there is a simple solution to create a reserve in my tank and not feel worn out every day.   I started researching to find out the why behind my lack of energy, poor sleep, stress, anxiety, and muscle cramps. It was an awesome journey and today I’d love to share one of the many nuggets of information I gathered.

Whether you’re a workout maniac, you’re sweating in the heat all day, or you’re a sunset strolling enthusiast; recovery from exercise is paramount in your journey to be healthy and feel great! When you exercise, work hard, or subject your body to high levels of mental stress, you lose vital minerals, nutrients, and fluids. If you don’t replace fluids and nutrients the right way your body uses all its reserves and you feel like garbage! So, it’s important to restore what you used so your body is not left in crash mode.

How do I replenish those reserves you may ask? Let’s break it down to make this easy.  Today we will touch on one of the most important pillars of recovery.  Hydration- Some methods of hydration you might be trying currently: Good old regular h2o, a sports drink, or a hydration powder supplement in your water.

Pure Water is a good place to start but it’s not the full story.

Water helps your body to:

  • Get rid of wastes through urination, perspiration, your digestive tract.
  • Keeps your temperature normal
  • Lubricates and cushions joints
  • Protects sensitive tissues

Why is just plain water not enough?

Plain tap water, purified, or distilled water won’t have the salts, minerals and nutrients your body needs.

A good hydration source will have:

NO contaminates, waste, or harmful microbes, NO chemicals like chlorine or fluoride, and have at least some trace minerals. Without the minerals your body has trouble absorbing the water into your tissues

Did you know you can drink several glasses of tap or distilled water and it will take hours for your body to absorb it?

Drink good mineralized water or even better Structured water.

Structured water is the gold standard of water.  It hydrates your body better than any other water. That’s why we use it in our TOO Seeds products! Structured water is designed so you can absorb it quickly and your body can extract all the vital nutrients in the water. It also helps you absorb any other food or supplement you take with it! Meaning you uptake all the nutrients starting the instant it hits your mouth and it absorbs better during digestion as well.

  • What about sports drinks and … hydration powders? There are a many sports drinks or pour in powders that claim to hydrate your body back to 100%, boost your stamina, and reduce muscle cramps. Some are really great but most are just filled with sugar. Your level of exertion will decide which product is best for you.
  • You professional athletes out there will need a little more carbohydrate and electrolyte content than you light exercisers. So, keep that in mind when choosing one for yourself. All of you should Look for something that replenishes branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s), contains potassium which helps with fluid absorption, and contains electrolytes.   Watch out for high sugar and caffeinated “energy drinks”, which will cause you to have a short burst of energy then crash. These products also can have some pretty serious side effects. Find a product which are high in magnesium, potassium and calcium.
  • Set a reminder on your phone or put sticky note at your workspace to drink at least an 8 oz glass of water every hour.

Good Hydration will help you on your journey to feel better, have more energy, and perform at a higher level.  Next time we will breakdown even more tips for whole-body recovery every day.

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Until next time Work, Play, & Live Majestically!

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